gtda.utils.check_point_clouds(X, distance_matrices=False, **kwargs)[source]

Input validation on arrays or lists representing collections of point clouds or of distance/adjacency matrices.

The input is checked to be either a single 3D array using a single call to check_array, or a list of 2D arrays by calling check_array on each entry. In the latter case, warnings are issued when not all point clouds are in the same Euclidean space.

Conversions and copies may be triggered as per check_list_of_arrays.

  • X (object) – Input object to check / convert.

  • distance_matrices (bool, optional, default: False) – Whether the input represents a collection of distance matrices or of concrete point clouds in Euclidean space. In the first case, entries are allowed to be infinite unless otherwise specified in kwargs.

  • kwargs – Keyword arguments accepted by check_array, with the following caveats: 1) ensure_2d and allow_nd are ignored; 2) if not passed explicitly, force_all_finite is set to be the boolean negation of distance_matrices; 3) when force_all_finite is set to False, NaN inputs are not allowed; 4) accept_sparse and accept_large_sparse are only meaningful in the case of lists of 2D arrays, in which case they are passed to individual instances of check_array validating each entry in the list.


Xnew – The converted and validated object.

Return type

ndarray or list